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The Baby Boomer eMuseum is my creation. It's just a hobby. It was first created in November 2007 as a simple series of static web pages, but was completely redesigned in Spring 2009 to be database-driven and incorporate features to let users such as yourself search the site's contents and register to post your own comments about the items in the various galleries.  An interactive Trivia Quiz was also implemented.

The idea for this site came to me after I'd received a series of e-mails listing various Baby-Boomer-era objects and concepts. The items included in the e-mails varied, however, and only some included photos. So the BBeM started as a place to collect all those items -- with photos, where possible -- and I began augmenting the collection with items I recalled (and, in some cases, still have) from my own childhood.

Lately, the Trivia Quiz has become my focus.  I have way too much fun concocting devilish questions, and hope you find it both entertaining and illuminating.  If you try 20 questions and don't laugh out loud at least once (either at the choices provided or the recent-wrong-answer statistics) I've done something horribly wrong.

There's nothing for sale on the site, but the Gift Shop page lists some non-affiliated external resources that may have what you're looking for.

Thanks for visiting, enjoy, and kindly tell your friends and family!

Duff Kurland
Belvedere, CA
April, 2019

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