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Barbarella (1968) IMDb logo

with Jane Fonda, John Phillip Law, Anita Pallenberg, Milo O'Shea, Marcel Marceau, and Claude Dauphin

directed by Roger Vadim

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Posted by Robert Hutchison at 12:25 pm (PDT) on Thu September 24, 2015   
That scene where she was put in that sensation machine was really as sexual as you could get without actually showing anything! How Fonda relayed that feeling was amazing! And the theme song was just as good!
Posted by Kathy Townsend at 7:59 pm (PDT) on Mon September 7, 2015   
nice beginning to feminist movement,albeit too sexy I did think she was very wild and admired her for being a pioneer in the field
Posted by Robert Hutchison at 12:00 pm (PST) on Wed January 7, 2015   
Until she went 'south, (if you know what I mean), I could not get enough of Jane Fonda and since Barbarella was science fiction, even more so! I just loved the theme song...that scene at the end when Duran Duran put her in that 'ecstasy machine' drove me wild...Wait till I get my devices and I will torture you beyond all known philosophies, said he!
Posted by BARRYC at 7:34 am (PST) on Tue January 6, 2015   
Thanks for the update.Ocoarse you're right.Same old show,just different players.
Posted by packratjohn at 4:28 pm (PST) on Mon January 5, 2015   
While i understand what you're saying, and tend to agree, i want to let you know that "Anything Goes" is a Cole Porter musical from the 30s. It included the song of the same title.
"In days of old a glimpse of stocking,
was looked on as something shocking.
Now heaven knows, anything goes...."
It was reprised in 67 by Harper's Bizarre.
So what i'm saying is that every generation probably feels the same way.
Posted by BARRYC at 4:17 pm (PST) on Mon January 5, 2015   
At the time I saw it I couldn't believe they would go and make a movie like that.But in the late sixties some one came out with a song called:ANY THING GOES.
The early sixties were so clean compared to the late sixties.It seems like 63 was the last good year when you could believe in ourselfs.
Posted by unclekipsy at 11:33 am (PST) on Wed December 4, 2013   
I was young and dad took me to see it.......strange movie I thought. Too bad Hanoi Jane made a bad decision to sit on NVA artillery later on. Bad move !
Posted by packratjohn at 10:11 pm (PDT) on Thu May 12, 2011   
Saw it on first release, then again about 2 years ago. It was never meant to be taken seriously, just a vehicle for a young Fonda to strut her stuff, literally. It's what we called a "romp". Fun, but that's about all
Posted by Duff at 8:20 pm (PDT) on Tue May 25, 2010   
I finally got around to watching this on video last week. Its theatrical release preceded the MPAA rating system by a few months, I think, so it was labeled "for mature audiences" in 1968. But cuts were made to obtain a PG rating for its re-release in 1977, and that's what seems to be on the DVD (at least the one I got from Netflix). So it's nowhere near as sexy as I thought it'd be. And the acting and special effects are horrible. Crazy psychedelic sets, though.

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