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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the following words first appeared in print in the indicated years. In the case of slang terms, earlier examples are sure to be found, and they were probably in oral use for some time before being written down.,

1950 aqualung, Bat Mitzvah, big bang, brainwashing, dianetics, ergonomics, fall-out, kiloton, LSD, maven, microfiche, multimedia, napalm, Orwellian, ponytail, Styrofoam
1951 blast-off, carbon-dated, Cinerama, Dacron, Day-Glo, fast food, Maalox, manga, motocross, neato, nerd, paralegal, paramedic, Rolodex, Scientology, sexcapade, splitsville, whirlybird
1952 automated, bafflegab, beat generation, computerized, decal, do-it-yourself, droid, global warming, information technology, Interpol, Mylar, R&D, R&R, scuba, split-level, toke, wok, Xerox
1953 CinemaScope, countdown, drip-dry, frenemy, hippie, hypo-allergenic, Medicare, paint-by-numbers, post-production, probiotic, synchronicity, U.F.O., videotape, wall-to-wall
1954 après-ski, asap, black power, cha-cha, cowabunga, deli, discotheque, hotline, market share, off-road, pay TV, stereo
1955 aerospace, agribusiness, alphanumeric, artificial intelligence, computer game, counter-intuitive, dee-jay, flip-top, hands-free, hyperdrive, inner child, karate, mind-boggling, monkey bars, sci-fi, weirdo
1956 decaf, F-word, glitterati, hinky, limbo (dance), microcomputer, mogul, origami, particle board, rockabilly, Scotchgard, sonogram, underwhelm
1957 Frisbee, Lego, Letraset, megabit, NORAD, overkill, Play-Doh, pothead, REM, reverse engineer, smiley face, sputnik, transsexual, Yahtzee
1958 beatnik, doo-wop, film noir, meritocracy, modem, nanosecond, NASA, nuke, potty-training, prequel, Smell-O-Vision
1959 Barbie, binge eating, CB, cosmonaut, fantabulous, go-kart, hovercraft, kooky, mini-mart, minivan, Muppet, no-brainer, nutcase, pantyhose
1960 barf, bionics, body art, breathalyser, dreadlocks, dullsville, feeding frenzy, laser, mix-and-match, mod, New Wave, noodge, sexploit, software, time-shift, Velcro
1961 A-OK, born-again, bratty, dial-up, docudrama, fab, grok, microwave (as a verb), moon shot, no-win, paparazzo, photorealism, plea bargain, power broker, psyched, reel-to-reel, skyjack 
1962 anti-locking, auteur, bait and switch, bossa nova, comsat (short for communications satellite), cryosurgery, deorbit, droog, expat, filmography, get-go, glitch, Instamatic, kludge, miniskirt, moondoggle, peacenik, porn, skunk works, smart-ass, T-ball, tokenism, Wasp
1963 ASCII, benchmark, cinéma-vérité, computer graphic, Cosa Nostra, cyberculture, deregulation, dipshit, Expo, jargonaut, machine-washable, microtechnology, mind game, miniseries, nannydom, neuroscience, rent-a-cop, scam, snarf, spacewalk, supercontinent, surfari, telecom, Third World, twink, zip code

A-team, bit-bucket, braless, condo, disco, dork, ethnonym, frug, ho, in-joke, kvetch, monokini, nads, ninja,  picture phone, pizza face, point-and-shoot, Pop Tart, quark, schlub, Selectric, sitcom, ska, skank, skateboard, underkill, vox pop

1965 à gogo, at-risk, bachelorette, bada-bing, biohazard, chartbuster, clusterfuck, de-escalation, grody, grunge, hypertext, jet lag, megabyte, moby, Motown, no-host, OD (short for overdose), stagflation, teach-in, zombiefied
1966 art ceco, Astroturf, autowind, bogart, cherry-pick, cryonics, Dolby, druggie, folkie, Foosball, freak-out, gross-out, innie, Jacuzzi, kegger, kung-fu, medevac, meth, mind-blowing, mind-fuck, mondo, multitasking, narc, nastygram, ralph, studly, teeny-bopper, timeshare, upscale, wheelie, whiteboard, yada yada, zilch, zit
1967 be-in, bummer, cheapo, doobie, doofus, gomer, love-in, minicomputer, Moog, no-fault, no worries, peer review, Peter Principle, rave-up, RV, scratch and sniff, scumbag, word processing
1968 aerobics, amped, bippy, blindside, cellulite, do-rag, downplay, firmware, goombah, Hare Krishna, hooptie, Klingon, klutz, LED, male-chauvinism, Nasdaq, noogie, out-of-body, pager, quadraphonic, reggae, rip-off, schmutz, shtup, unisex, workaholic, Yippie
1969 ageism, blahs, dashiki, hang time, hard-wired, homophobia, Imax, megastar, microchip, moonwalk, pixel, remix, schlong, techie, windsurf, women's lib
1970 Big Mac, bioethics, biofeedback, counter-culture, detox, funkadelic, herstory, humongous, labradoodle, Nerf, newbie, Popemobile, power trip, primal scream, punk rock, Reaganomics, up-tick, ya-yas

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There are 2 comments for this item.

Posted by Bob Matthews at 4:54 pm (PDT) on Wed July 17, 2013   
Is there a list for disappearing words?
Bannister and record player are two that immediately come to mind.
Posted by Duff at 1:47 pm (PDT) on Wed July 17, 2013   
Notice that “microcomputer” (1956) appeared more than a decade before “minicomputer” (1967). This seemed odd to me, until I learned that the first occurrence of “microcomputer” was in a 1956 short story by Isaac Asimov, long before the first such device actually existed.

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