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NYC-area TV/Radio

The Tommy Seven Show
Local WABC TV Ch.7,NYC
Weekday mornings and evenings (9/12/1960 - 5/24/1963)
Saturday afternoons (4/29/1961 - 7/15/1961)

The Tommy Seven Show

Host/Performer: "Tommy Seven" The sad face tranp clown (Ed Bakey)
Cartoon features: Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, Q.T. Hus TV cartoons,
and the MGM Rudolph Issling / Hugh Harmon / Tex Avery movie cartoons

Contributed by Kids TV Kid

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There are 7 comments for this item.

Posted by Itumac at 6:06 pm (PDT) on Thu September 16, 2021   
Here's an episode with my father, Louis Camuti, Jr as guest host Mr. Fun. From tur family archive.
Posted by fugitive at 10:44 am (PDT) on Mon August 9, 2021   
No, I wish that I did. This was the first time that I saw any celebrities although some may dispute whether Joe Franklin or Poncie Ponce were celebs.
Posted by Mr.KTV at 8:56 am (PDT) on Mon August 9, 2021   
       Fugitive,Do you have any photos,a program..or? Any silent home movie
    footage taken at "The NYC Fireman's Toy Carnival"..that "Tommy Seven"hosted at NYC's Madison Sq.Garden..back in the fall of 1961?
Posted by fugitive at 6:52 am (PDT) on Mon August 9, 2021   
Yes, I remember. Don't catch cold in your magic noses.
We went to the November 25, 1961 toy drive that he held at Madison Square Garden.
East side, west side
All around the town
The kids all watch Tommy Seven
He's their favorite TV clown
Posted by Mr.KTV at 3:36 pm (PST) on Fri January 29, 2021   
Unfortuneatley..Kathy..there are no videotapes or tv kinnie film prints of"The Tommy Seven Show"..I've looked everywhere..but..sadly there are none..I'm sorry..I wished that I could be of more help to you.
Posted by Xtremtopp at 3:50 pm (PDT) on Fri October 16, 2020   
Hi Kathy,

yes I remember this show

was trying to find recordings, as I was on this show with 2 cousins.
Posted by KathymPR at 1:09 pm (PDT) on Fri July 24, 2020   
Does ANYONE remember this show!

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