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Dutch Twins chocolate wafers
Dutch Twins wafers

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Posted by Nola Norton at 7:24 pm (PDT) on Sat October 22, 2022   
ALAN!! Lol! I I just saw that you mentioned something about mixing up Kit Kat with Twix!  You sent it around 4 pm. and I didn't see it until I was cleaning out the rest of my email box.  Sorry about that!

I forgot about the TWIX, and was thinking of the Kit Kat.  If someon mentionedN TWIX, I guess I read right past it, thinking of a Kit Kat.  I love Kit Kat bars and I recalled that they even have them in semi-sweet chocolate as well as Milk Chocolate.  and YES I HATE Twix.  It's a crumbly-type cookie center.  No thanks....
Posted by Nola Norton at 6:09 pm (PDT) on Sat October 22, 2022   
Hi Alan,

Kit Kat indeed has added a new flavor to their line.  Apparently, Duff wasn't aware that they added that flavor to their line.  I guess they want to try to complete with Reese's.  Good luck to them!

Also, yeah, Kit Kats have milk chocolate and Dutch Twins had a melt on your fingers dark chocolate.  Oooh,....they were SO good!  

Nabisco has made a marshmallow cookie for years called "Pinwheels.  A chocolate soft cookie with a dollop of Marshmallow on top, all covered with dark chocolate!  I remember one Christmas they actually flavored and colored their marshmallow red!  It was a delicious cherry-flavored marshmallow, covered with the dark chocolate all over.  They still make this ty[e of cookie, BUT they are now using all the guar gum and crap, so the chocolate while dark, does NOT melt in your mouth at all!
Posted by Alan at 4:13 pm (PDT) on Sat October 22, 2022   
Kit Kat does not have peanut butter.
Posted by Duff at 3:20 pm (PDT) on Sat October 22, 2022   
Oh, Alan, there's hardly a comparison. While both may contain wafers, the Dutch Twins chocolate wafers didn't have any peanut butter, and were coded with dark chocolate, if memory serves.    i'm not sure about the filling; might have been hazelnut.
Posted by Alan at 12:11 pm (PDT) on Sat October 22, 2022   
Nola, did you confuse Kit Kat with Twix?
Posted by Nola Norton at 9:25 am (PDT) on Sat October 22, 2022   
Hi Alan,

I hope this reply gets to you.  It doesn't show a place under your comment where I can answer you.  Anyway, here it is:  The wafers in the Dutch Twins cookies are actually those cream filled wafers.  I absolutely LOVE Twix, since they are somewhat like the Dutch Twins.  However, they aren't the same wafer.  They are too sweet, compared to the Dutch twins wafers.  I love them just the same.  However, there is another candy like the Twix, but it has actual cookie dough, and those I detest.  I can't recall now what the name of the candy is.  If you do, please reply with the name.  Thanks!  Nola
Posted by Alan at 7:36 am (PDT) on Sat October 22, 2022   
Aren't Kit Kats basically the same thing?
Posted by Nola Norton at 1:56 am (PDT) on Sat October 22, 2022   
I see there has been 11 other comments about the Dutch Twins Chocolate cookies!  Yahoo!  I was born in 1949, and here in Grand Rapids Michigan we had the Dutch Twins bakery plant right up our street in Burton Heights. 

On Saturdays, the factory office would be open, and they would hand out small white bags of the broken cookies that they couldn't package, free for any kids who happened to come by!  We went there faithfully every Saturday and got our bags!  It was a wonderful time, the 50's.

I read where even in the 60's and 70's they were making them, but then it was in Wyoming a suburb of Grand Rapids, and now they are in Zeeland.  I think there was a main factory there, seeing as how Zeeland is very Dutch still to this day. Zeeland is near Holland, where we have the annual Tulip Festival.  We also sport an authentic Dutch windmill, brought over by a West Michigan businessman and then had Dutch windmill mechanics build it back together.  Imagine that!!
Posted by Daniel48251 at 7:00 pm (PDT) on Wed August 18, 2021   
I remember clearly how my Grandmother kept these at the house for us in the early 60s. Absolutely my favorite. Still look for them today and the reason I still by Fudge Sticks (close but ... I even got my grandson started on them). I can't believe we can't find an image of that iconic yellow box.
Here is some related info about the logo.
Posted by Missy37 at 9:53 am (PDT) on Sun June 21, 2020   
Those Dutch Twin chocolate covered wafers were my favorite as well! I just started looking for them again a couple years ago and of course could never find them. But Keebler makes something called "Fudge Sticks" that are almost identical, if anyone wants to try them. They seem to be available many places, including Kroger, Target, Amazon, etc.
Posted by Jer2239 at 6:59 pm (PDT) on Sat September 23, 2017   
While I have never seen the white label shown here I do vividly remember the yellow box with the cellophane window and I believe it was 3 layers. The box was rectangular. I would give anything to see and eat them agaib
Posted by Scott Race at 8:58 am (PDT) on Thu May 14, 2015   
Alan, I went to a food symbol site, and I still think the U NO is an old Orthodox Union symbol, stating the product to not be kosher, used prior to the current U in a circle, and way before the contemporary circle with a line through it for "Not".
Posted by Scott Race at 10:59 am (PDT) on Tue May 12, 2015   
Could be, but that was many years ago, and I don't know if that standard was adhered to at that time.
Posted by Alan at 9:56 am (PDT) on Tue May 12, 2015   
Scott, I don't believe so. For a U to have to do with dietary restrictions, i.e. kosher, it would be in a circle, the logo of The Union of Orthodox rabbis.
Posted by Scott Race at 9:07 am (PDT) on Tue May 12, 2015   
I believe the U and No were references to religious diet restrictions.
Posted by Scott Race at 9:06 am (PDT) on Tue May 12, 2015   
This company had a bakery (factory) in Wyoming Michigan, through the 1980's. From 19082-1984, I worked for the company that provided security for them, and worked one shift there as a sub for someone that called in sick. My main post was at the UPS HUB 1/4 mile a way.
Posted by unclekipsy at 10:56 am (PST) on Wed November 13, 2013   
I was talking about Kit-Kat's with a friend and told him we had something called "Dutch Twin" chocolate covered wafers back in my day (1960's to 1970's) . I remember them in a Yellow Box with a clear "window". I remember them being soooo delicious ! I did a Google search and found this website.
*** Can't wait to explore this website !!!!

Flatbush to Brownsville to Springfield Gardens then north to Westchester !!
Posted by Alan at 1:25 pm (PST) on Tue February 7, 2012   
Wow, does this bring back memories! I remember that under the pictures of the Dutch Twins were the words, "u" and "no." I thought it was the kids' names! I still wonder what it meant.
Posted by Duff at 3:09 am (PDT) on Thu August 25, 2011   
My family loved these; each box had 2 or 3 layers of wafer sticks, and we could easily finish half a box in one sitting. I finally located a photo of the Dutch Twins logo I remember, but the chocolate wafers came in a yellow box, and I'd love to find a photo of that. Heck, I'd love to find a box on the supermarket shelf!

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