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3-cent First Class postage stamps 3-cent First Class postage stamps

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Air-mail letter/envelopes Air-mail letter/envelopes

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The Austrian Schilling The Austrian Schilling The Belgian Franc The Belgian Franc Buffalo nickels Buffalo nickels

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Counter checks Counter checks The Dutch Guilder The Dutch Guilder East German Mark East German Mark

Contributed by LoyalTubist

The Finnish Markka The Finnish Markka The French Franc The French Franc The German Deutschmark The German Deutschmark The Greek Drachma The Greek Drachma Indian Head pennies Indian Head pennies

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The Irish Punt (Pound) The Irish Punt (Pound) The Italian Lira The Italian Lira Kennedy half dollar Kennedy half dollar

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The Luxembourg Franc The Luxembourg Franc Penny postcards Penny postcards The Portuguese Escudo The Portuguese Escudo Silver Certificate dollar bills "Silver Certificate" dollar bills

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Solid metal coins Solid metal coins

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The Spanish Peseta The Spanish Peseta Steel pennies Steel pennies

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Wheat-back pennies Wheat-back pennies

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Winged Liberty head (Mercury) dimes Winged Liberty head (Mercury) dimes

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There are 5 general comments for this gallery.

Posted by Chuck Kopsho at 5:16 pm (PDT) on Sat August 19, 2017   
S&H Green Stamps were the big thing back in the day. S&H now exsists on the internet as S&H Greenpoints. There, you trade points for the premiums you can get.
Posted by LoyalTubist at 2:58 am (PDT) on Fri October 7, 2016   
Savings stamps were junior versions of Savings Bonds. They were discontinued in the early 1970s.
Posted by grandjeep05 at 6:44 pm (PDT) on Sun July 12, 2015   
We used to buy them in elementary school
Posted by Duff at 2:01 am (PDT) on Tue August 28, 2012   
No, can't say I ever encountered them. Wikipedia says that "postal savings stamps" were introduced in the U.S. in 1911, but I'm unclear about their purpose and how they worked. Were they still in use after 1950?
Posted by Pete O at 5:19 pm (PDT) on Tue July 28, 2009   
Do you remember "Savings Stamps"? You bought them at the Post Office and pasted them into a book (like Green Stamps).

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