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Colton, California

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Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe RailwayTransportation
Baby aspirinScience, Technology & Medicine
Big Boy comic bookPrint Media and Ads
Blue Chip StampsBygone Icons
Busch Gardens (Los Angeles)Bygone Icons
Cable Commuter AirlinesTransportation
Cal Worthington (and his dog Spot)TV/Radio Commercials
Captain NiceTV / Radio
Car TVScience, Technology & Medicine
Carnation fresh milkFood, Candy, Drinks
CBS Radio Mystery TheaterTV / Radio
East German MarkCurrency & Stamps
Emenee Golden TubaToys & Games
Flying A service stationsTransportation
Gleem toothpasteHousehold Items
Hum Dinger cupsFood, Candy, Drinks
Los Angeles AirwaysTransportation
Luer Meat rocketBygone Icons
Manual credit card machineRare Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Marineland of the PacificBygone Icons
Mini-LindyToys & Games
Oscar's Drive-InFood, Candy, Drinks
People Express (PeoplExpress)Transportation
pHisoHexScience, Technology & Medicine
PowerHouse barFood, Candy, Drinks
Sage's Complete ShoppingCompanies & Agencies
Shasta flavored colasFood, Candy, Drinks
Shortwave RadioTV / Radio
Signal service stationsTransportation
Spy MasterToys & Games
Subaru 360 VanClassic Cars
ThriftimartCompanies & Agencies
Thrifty Drug StoresCompanies & Agencies
TV Channel 6 on FM Radio (87.75 MHz)Science, Technology & Medicine
Unshackled!TV / Radio
Wham-O Giant ComicsPrint Media and Ads
World Football LeagueSports & Recreation

Comments Posted by This Member
'Officer' Joe Bolton (in 'NYC-area TV/Radio' gallery)
"Paper or plastic" (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
"Tastes like chicken" (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
10-cent comic books (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
15-cent McDonalds burgers (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
2-letter state abbreviations (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
2-letter state abbreviations (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
2-letter state abbreviations (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
2-letter state abbreviations (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
2-prong ungrounded AC outlets (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
20 Mule Team Borax (in 'Household Items' gallery)
24/7 television (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
9-1-1 emergency telephone service (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
A&P (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Abba-Zaba (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Accent flavor enhancer (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
all gas stations had mini-marts (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Alpha-Bits cereal (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Alphabet soup (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
alphabet-soup company names (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
AM-only car radios (in 'Classic Cars' gallery)
Amateur (ham) radio (in 'Rare Today, Gone Tomorrow?' gallery)
Ant Farm (in 'Toys & Games' gallery)
Apartment building antenna forests (in 'Bygone Icons' gallery)
area codes and all-digit dialing (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Arnold Stang (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
AstroTurf (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Atlantic and Richfield stations (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Bachelor Father (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Ball bearing games and mazes (in 'Toys & Games' gallery)
BankAmericard and MasterCharge (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Barrel of Monkeys (in 'Toys & Games' gallery)
BB guns (in 'Toys & Games' gallery)
Beany and Cecil (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Beatle Boots (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Beechnut gum (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Bell Laboratories educational films (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Bell potato chips (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Benson & Hedges 100s (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
BIC pens (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Blackjack, Clove and Teaberry chewing gum (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Bob Hope (in 'Humor' gallery)
Boeing 707 jet airliner (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Bomb/fall-out shelters (in 'Bygone Icons' gallery)
Bosco chocolate syrup (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Bozo the Clown (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
Bozo the Clown (in 'NYC-area TV/Radio' gallery)
Bozo the Clown (in 'NYC-area TV/Radio' gallery)
Brooklyn Dodgers for Gillette razors (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Buitoni pasta (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Bullock's (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Burns & Schreiber (in 'Humor' gallery)
Burry's (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Bus 'stop' cords (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Bye Bye Birdie (in 'An Evening at the Theater' gallery)
Caboose (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Campfire Girls (in 'Life' gallery)
Campfire Girls (in 'Life' gallery)
Cap guns (in 'Toys & Games' gallery)
Captain Nice (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Car 54, Where Are You? (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Car record players (in 'Home Entertainment' gallery)
Car TV (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
Car TV (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
Carnation evaporated milk (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Cary Grant (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
Checker cabs (in 'Bygone Icons' gallery)
Chiquita Banana (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Clutch Cargo (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
CNN and the 24-hour news cycle (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Coca-Cola (1953) (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Colgate dental cream (in 'Household Items' gallery)
color television (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Color TV kits (in 'Home Entertainment' gallery)
Color-coordinated toilet paper (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Console TVs (in 'Home Entertainment' gallery)
containerized shipping (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Cracker Jack (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Cruising (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Crusader Rabbit (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Dancing Old Gold cigarettes (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Dennis the Menace (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Dennis the Menace (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Disneyland A-E ticket books (in 'Sports & Recreation' gallery)
Disneyland flying saucers (in 'Sports & Recreation' gallery)
Dragnet (TV) (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Drive-in restaurants (in 'Life' gallery)
Drivers Ed class in high school (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
E.G. Marshall (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
Earth shoes (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Eastern Air Lines (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Easy Bake Oven (in 'Toys & Games' gallery)
Ernest Borgnine (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
Esso service stations (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Ethel and Albert (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Fallout shelters (in 'Life' gallery)
Falstaff, Rheingold, and Knickerbocker beers (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Farrell's ice cream parlors (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Father Knows Best (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Felix the Cat (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Flight engineers (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Forever Yours candy bars (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Fresca (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Funny Face drink mix (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Funny Face drink mix (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
GEMCO (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Gentle Ben (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Geritol tonic (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Gleem toothpaste (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Glovebox road maps (in 'Rare Today, Gone Tomorrow?' gallery)
Gold Rocks bubble gum (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Gomer Pyle - USMC (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
graffiti (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Granny Goose potato chips (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Great Shakes (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Green Acres (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
GTE Corporation (1955-1982) (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Gulf service stations (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Gumby (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Gunsmoke (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Hamm's Brewery (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Have Gun - Will Travel (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Hazel (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
hCisco Kid (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Hello Kitty (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Highway Patrol (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Hires Root Beer (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Hollerith ('IBM') punch cards (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
Holsum Bread (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Home "landline" telephones (in 'Rare Today, Gone Tomorrow?' gallery)
Home delivery of baked goods (in 'Life' gallery)
Home Economics class in high school (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Hopalong Cassidy (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Hostess Fruit Pies (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Hostess Ho Ho's (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Hostess Twinkies (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Hot Pants (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Household Finance Corporation (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Howard Johnson's trademark orange roof (in 'Bygone Icons' gallery)
hundreds of TV channels (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Hush Puppies casual shoes (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Hydrox cookies (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Incandescent light bulbs (in 'Rare Today, Gone Tomorrow?' gallery)
Information Please Almanac (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
International Harvester Company (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Ipana toothpaste (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) (in 'Movies of the '60s' gallery)
It's-It ice cream sandwiches (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Jack Benny for Texaco (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
James Coburn (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
Jell-O 1-2-3 (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
jet lag (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
JFK assassinated (in 'Issues and Events' gallery)
Kay Bee Toys (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Kellogg's -Sugar- Frosted Flakes (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Kellogg's All Stars breakfast cereal (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Kellogg's Pep breakfast cereal (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Kelvinator (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Koogle (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Laundry detergent came with a gift (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Lava hand soap (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Less than $1.00 for a movie, popcorn and soda (in 'At the Movies' gallery)
License plates were colorful and distinctive (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Lifebuoy soap (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Lifebuoy soap (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Like soda (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
lime-yellow fire engines (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Listerine (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Long-distance (toll) telephone calls were expensive (in 'Life' gallery)
Los Angeles Airways (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Love Story (1970) (in 'Movies of the '70s' gallery)
Love, American Style (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
luggage with wheels (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Mad (in 'Print Media and Ads' gallery)
Mail cars (Railway post offices) (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Make Room for Daddy (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Male teachers wore neckties... (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Many, many newspapers (in 'Print Media and Ads' gallery)
Marshall Field's (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Mason Reese (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
mega malls (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Mervyn's department stores (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Metal lunch boxes (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Metrecal diet products (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Miles Laboratories (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Million Dollar Movie (in 'NYC-area TV/Radio' gallery)
Minnie Pearl (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
Mister Ed (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Montgomery Ward (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Most moms were home after school (in 'Life' gallery)
Most refrigerators had latching door handles (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Moveable ramp stairs (in 'Transportation' gallery)
MPAA film ratings (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
MSG (monosodium glutamate) (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Muntz Car Company (in 'Classic Cars' gallery)
nationwide overnight package delivery (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Nehi soda (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Nehru jackets (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Nestles' Teen (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Newsreels (in 'At the Movies' gallery)
No Time for Sergeants (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
No Time for Sergeants (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
North and South Vietnam (in 'Nations' gallery)
Nurses wore hats and uniforms (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Nylon stockings (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Ohrbach's (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Ohrbach's (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Opaque projectors (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Oscar's Drive-In (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Pacific Southwest Airlines (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Palmolive dish liquid (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Pan American World Airways (in 'Transportation' gallery)
paper towels (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
PDQ drink mix (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Penny loafers (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Pepsodent (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Peter Paul Almond Cluster bar (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Peter Paul Mounds (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
PEZ candy and dispensers (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
pHisoHex (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
Pizza was always 'pizza pie' (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Playboy (in 'Print Media and Ads' gallery)
Polaroid Swinger (in 'Photography' gallery)
Pong video game (in 'Rare Today, Gone Tomorrow?' gallery)
Post Office Department (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Public pay phones (in 'Rare Today, Gone Tomorrow?' gallery)
Public pay phones (in 'Rare Today, Gone Tomorrow?' gallery)
Pull-tab (as opposed to pop-top) cans (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Quisp and Quake cereals (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Railway Express Agency (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Ralston hot cereal (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Ralston Purina breakfast cereals (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Ranger Joe breakfast cereals (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Red Ryder Wheato-Naks (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Red-and-blue USPS mailboxes (in 'Bygone Icons' gallery)
Rice-a-Roni (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Rin Tin Tin (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Ringo (in 'Novelty Records' gallery)
Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Rocky and Bullwinkle (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Roi-Tan Cigars (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Rotary phones, alpha prefixes... (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
Rotary phones, alpha prefixes... (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
Rotary phones, alpha prefixes... (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
Salvo laundry detergent tablets (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Sambo's restaurants (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Sarsaparilla (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Sav-on Drugs (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Savings and Loans (aka Thrifts) (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
School never started before Labor Day (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Score hair cream (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Service Merchandise (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Seven Up candy bars (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Shag carpet (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Snap, Crackle, Pop - Rice Krispies (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (in 'Novelty Records' gallery)
Snow Pants (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Spam was just a canned meat product (in 'Life' gallery)
Speedy Alka-Seltzer (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Studebaker Corporation (in 'Classic Cars' gallery)
Sugar Chex cereal (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Sugar Jets cereal (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Super Circus (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Tang (in 'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery)
Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
the "I Love NY" logo (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
The 48-star U.S. flag (in 'Bygone Icons' gallery)
the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
The ancient art of throwing pizza (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
The Bell Telephone System (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
The Berlin Wall (in 'Issues and Events' gallery)
The Bickersons (in 'Humor' gallery)
the bottled-water craze (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
the cell phone (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
The Dick Cavett Show (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
The Flintstones (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
The Fred Harvey Company (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
The Friendly Giant (in 'NYC-area TV/Radio' gallery)
The Gary Moore Show (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
The George Gobel Show (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
The Hare Krishna movement (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
The Mighty Hercules (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
The Millionaire (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
The Monokini swimsuit (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
The Monokini swimsuit (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
The Name of the Game (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
The National Biscuit Company (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
The NO Bra (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
the pocket calculator (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
The sleepy little town of Las Vegas (in 'Life' gallery)
The Stu Erwin Show (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
The Three Stooges (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
The Three Stooges (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
the UPC bar code (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
the UPC bar code (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
the Video Cassette Recorder (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
The Virginian (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Thick 'n' Frosty frozen shakes (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Thriftimart (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Thrifty Drug Stores (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Tim Conway (in 'Humor' gallery)
Tin tops (in 'Toys & Games' gallery)
toll-free phone numbers (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Tonsillectomies were commonplace (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Top 40 AM Radio (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Top Cat (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Trans World Airlines (in 'Transportation' gallery)
TV Channel 6 on FM Radio (87.75 MHz) (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
TV Guide (in 'Print Media and Ads' gallery)
TV-style commercials at the movies (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Typing class in high school (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Viewmaster stereo viewers (in 'Home Entertainment' gallery)
W.T. Grant (in 'Companies & Agencies' gallery)
Walnettos (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Waterbeds became popular in the '60s (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Western Airlines (in 'Transportation' gallery)
Western Union telegrams (in 'Science, Technology & Medicine' gallery)
Wham-O Giant Comics (in 'Print Media and Ads' gallery)
Who's Who in (name your field) (in 'Print Media and Ads' gallery)
Women in slacks? Scandalous! (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Wonder Bread (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
World Football League (in 'Sports & Recreation' gallery)
You could smoke anywhere, even on a plane (in 'Life' gallery)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
'Currency & Stamps' gallery (general comment)
'Nations' gallery (general comment)
Jetsons year (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Lone Ranger music (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Strong bodies 12 ways (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Tiger in your tank (in 'Trivia Quiz')