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Nathan's hot dogs
Coney Island, Brooklyn
Nathan's Coney Island

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Posted by notsteve at 3:07 pm (PDT) on Sat August 1, 2020   
The best hot dog deal around is at Costco. Same for their $4.99 rotisserie chicken, which they lose $30M-$40M/yr on.
Posted by Mr.Nostalgia2 at 9:14 am (PDT) on Mon March 28, 2016   
Next Month..April 16,2016 will mark the 100th anniversary of the
founding of the original Nathan's Famous Restaurant in the Coney
Island section of Bklyn,NYC.

If any of the users of this site have any memories of eating at
the originial Nathan's and meeting the creator and owner of the
place..Mr.Nathan Handwerker?

Please share those memories here at The Baby Boomer's e
Posted by Bob Matthews at 6:56 am (PST) on Sat January 16, 2016   
YES! I remember that too LaughingLaughing
And above the words "Adventurer's Inn" didn't the sign show the figure of a black-hatted pirate holding a sword in his mouth?
Posted by Mr.Nostalgia2 at 6:42 am (PST) on Sat January 16, 2016   
Before It was Nathan's Famous,Inc. On Central Ave in
Yonkers,New was"Adventurer's Inn".LaughingSurprisedWink

I remember that Pirate icon on the sign..outside of"The Adventurer's
Inn"on Central Ave in Yonkers,New York. Along with his costume and
his cutlass(His large sword)..he also wore a patch over one eye.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 10:34 pm (PST) on Fri January 15, 2016   
Good memories down there from Kids TV Kid. I went to the same one.
Posted by Mr.Nostalgia at 8:39 pm (PST) on Sun December 27, 2015   
Next Year..April 16,2016 mark the 100th anniversary of
the creation of Nathan's Famous Inc. On Surf and Stillwell Ave.'s
in The Coney Island Section of Bklyn,NYC.SurprisedLaughingWink
Posted by Kids TV Kid at 10:00 am (PST) on Sun February 2, 2014   
"Nathan's Famous"was in Oceanside..not Freeport..UncleKispy.Embarassed
Posted by unclekipsy at 11:22 am (PST) on Wed December 4, 2013   
I moved to Mt. Vernon and then Eastchester after leaving the City, so I 've been to the Yonkers (Central Ave.) Nathan's many times with my kids (they played in the back with all the video games and pinball machines). I, too, used only ketchup on my dogs, burgers and fries ! I always liked the access to the condiments as well !
Posted by Kids TV Kid at 10:30 am (PST) on Wed December 4, 2013   
When I use to go to Nathan's on Central Ave in Yonkers,New York with my family..The mustard and ketchup were in big metal tubs and you had to spoon it out with long stemed spoons.There were also tongs for saurkraut. I prefered to put ketchup on my burger,hot dog..and when I use to eat fries.

I always had a large coke and a soft serve ice cream in a cone..these days I no longer eat fries and I prefer Diet Seven Up or Sprite 0 to Coke.SmileSmileYell There was also a penny arcade..where you can play games,get your fourtunes from a few fortune telling machines and even see a "Three Stooges"comedy on a movie machine"A Bird In The Head"Smile with Moe,Larry & Curly".My brothers and I would play the games..after we ate and I would also get my fortunes from the fortune telling machines. Sadly that penny arcade and that type of Nathan's is gone..a smaller one now stands in that neghiborhood.Cry
Posted by unclekipsy at 9:41 am (PST) on Wed December 4, 2013   
We drove from Flatbush to Coney Island to the original Nathan's. Our relatives moved to Long Island and they erected a big Nathan's, originally under a huge green tent, in Oceanside ( or Freeport ? ) if I remember correctly. The "forks" were 2 pronged and made of wood. The french fries were the were the dogs !!!

Today they are sooooo overpriced !!!!
Posted by Kids TV Kid at 3:36 pm (PST) on Wed November 20, 2013   
It's been a long time..since I last ate at the original Nathan's Famous in
Coney Island.

I really miss those hot dogs,burgers,sodas and soft serve ice cream
Posted by Duff at 8:32 pm (PDT) on Tue October 23, 2012   
I moved from NYC to northern CA in 1975. For a while, we had Nathan's hot dog and Carvel ice cream franchises out here, but they didn't last long.
Posted by AliKaplan at 11:05 am (PDT) on Tue April 10, 2012   
Nathan's never used frozen french fries and that is why they tasted so good. You could only get them at Coney Island or their origal place in Long Beach..the place that is there now is NOT an original, one of the franchise.. even the hot dogs don't taste the same :-(
Posted by SUBSURF at 9:07 am (PDT) on Tue June 21, 2011   
Went to Coney Island this past Memorial Day, on the D Train. Rode the Cyclone and had a Nathans Hot Dog.

fyi...The ONLY place to buy/have a Nathans hot dog is the original location at Coney Island, Brookyn. NYC. Forget about that packaged crap sold in supermarkets as Nathans hot dogs or any freestanding locations called Nathans. Just ain't the same.

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