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Astonishing older ads
These mostly pre-date the Baby Boomer era.
At least, we here at the BBeM certainly don't recall seeing them. We add newly-discovered ads from time to time, so if this item shows up as "new", scroll to the bottom to see the latest additions.

1 Lux Toilet Soap

2 Keep Slim with Lucky Strike

3 Dr Batty's Asthma Cigarettes

4 Relax with Ivory Soap

5 Men Wouldn't Look at Me When I Was Skinny so I Ate Ironized Yeast

6 Racist Soap

7 Jantzen Swimsuits

8 Snap Dial-eze revolving cushions for phone

9 Hoover for Christmas

10 Baby face razor

11 Cocaine toothache drops

12 pipe threader

13 Sabrina boob projectors

14 cola baby tonic

15coca cola brain tonic

16 maternity corset

17 DIY Penicillin

18 suffocating baby in cellophane bag

19 hair growing hat

20 pall mall santa

21 How to measure your wife for an ironing table

22 Don't worry honey you didn't burn the beer

23 Every voyage a gay cruise

24 Colt handgun for christmas

25 Kenwood Chef does everything by cook

26 WIVES Choice of Appliance

27 Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere Tipalet

28 How TV benefits your children

29 Schlitz your can

30 Beer for baby

31 Vitamins to enslave your wife

32 Doctors for camels (oh my)

33 Eat eat eat sanitized tapeworms

34 have a fag

35 chesterfield put a smile on your smoking

36 They are happy because they eat lard

37 Butter good and good for you - lubricate your veins!!!

38 Vaseline so pure you can eat it

39 chin reducer and beautifier

40 vibrating bra

41black flag with ddt

42 cultivate rainier beer habit

43 radium makes things grow

44 Dehydrated water

45 safe arsenic complexion wafers

46 penis reduction pills


48 cigarettes for mom

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There are 5 comments for this item.

Posted by freddo30 at 3:21 pm (PDT) on Wed April 20, 2016   
The Ridgid Tool calendar was a favorite around our shop until the 70's
Posted by IOfferMyBentNickel at 5:08 am (PST) on Thu March 10, 2016   
The baby sporting a razor was the one that inspired a good chuckle from me. I see a lot of vintage ads for Coca-Cola (which I stopped consuming long ago) and I can't imagine consuming a beverage with active ingredientes including, "cocaine" (?)
Thanks for submitting all these entertaining ads!
Posted by Bob Matthews at 9:10 pm (PST) on Tue March 8, 2016   
LOL indeed CJ Laughing
Posted by CJ at 8:42 pm (PST) on Tue March 8, 2016   
I actually had tears in my eyes from laughing at the ad for Bell & Howel...
"Sabrina demonstrates the finest in projection equipment"
At least there was truth in advertising...those were the "finest in projection equipment" as far as I'm concerned. LOL
Posted by Bob Matthews at 7:25 pm (PST) on Tue March 8, 2016   
Jump to 2016, the lies just keep on comin' - only more sophisticated.

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