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This gallery is devoted to items that aren't, strictly speaking, from the Fifties or Sixties.  Or perhaps they existed back then and are only now beginning their descent toward extinction.  And some of them are still around, but just bring back fond memories of our childhood.  In any case, they're here because they've been deemed worthy of Honorable Mention.

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Amateur (ham) radio Amateur (ham) radio

9 member comments

Citizens Band (CB) radio Citizens Band (CB) radio

12 member comments

Enema bags Enema bags

Contributed by CJ
8 member comments

Glovebox road maps Glovebox road maps

9 member comments

Home landline telephones Home "landline" telephones

8 member comments

Incandescent light bulbs Incandescent light bulbs

14 member comments

Manual credit card machine Manual credit card machine

Contributed by LoyalTubist
1 member comment

Mechanical parking meters Mechanical parking meters

1 member comment

Newspaper classified ads Newspaper classified ads

3 member comments

Personal checks Personal checks

9 member comments

Pong video game Pong video game

3 member comments

Public pay phones Public pay phones

23 member comments


Contributed by CJ
1 member comment

Telephone books and Yellow Pages Telephone books and Yellow Pages

4 member comments

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