NYC-area TV/Radio

The Mighty Hercules Show
Local WPIX TV Ch.11 NYC
Weekday afternoons and evenings (9/3/1963 - 1/26/1968)

Hosts/Performers: John Zacherle (9/3/1963 - 11/15/1963),
"Officer" Joe Bolton (11/18/1963 - 1/31/1964),
"Captain" Jack McCarthy (2/3/1964 - 9/1/1964),
Carol Corbett (4/26/1965 - 1/26/1968)

Contributed by Kids TV Kid

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Posted by Duff at 5:52 pm (PDT) on Sun October 30, 2016   
@Sandy1 - My sister, Audrey, and I were there in 1967-68  You?
Posted by Sandy1 at 10:48 am (PDT) on Sat October 29, 2016   
I also attended Granite lake Camp and have the same recollection.  
Posted by Mr.Nostalgia2 at 11:27 am (PDT) on Fri October 28, 2016   
crySadly..Duff..Former Philly,Pa. and NYC based tv horror film
and cartoon show host/performer:John Zacherle(y)died on
October 27,2016..I'm very sorry.
Posted by Bob Matthews at 11:59 am (PST) on Sun December 1, 2013   
You've got it right except there's no "y" at the end.
At one time I could have asked him for you but lost the contact.
Posted by Duff at 5:29 pm (PST) on Mon November 25, 2013   
If I'm not mistaken, John Zacherley (sp?) was the Drama counselor at the summer camp I attended for a couple of years (Granite Lake Camp, Munsonville, NH).  No, wait... his name might have been Bob Oberreich... but I think there was some connection with John Zacherley.

I DO remember parts of a camp skit I was in... It involved a boy who was shy about talking to a girl he's asked out.  His friend gives him advice on what to say; romantic stuff like, "When I look at your face, time stands still."  On his date, the boy keeps messing up the lines.  When he recalls this one, he blurts out, "Your face!  Your face could stop a clock!"

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