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Chuckles jelly candy (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Crush soda (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Dr. Pepper recommended doses (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Fluff (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Fluffo shortening (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Funny Face drink mix (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Hydrox cookies (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Kellogg's OKs breakfast cereal (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
MSG (monosodium glutamate) (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Nonpareils (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Pull-tab (as opposed to pop-top) cans (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Ralston Purina breakfast cereals (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Screaming Yellow Zonkers (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Seven Up candy bars (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Space Food Sticks (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Squirrel Nut Zippers (in 'Food, Candy, Drinks' gallery)
Farmer Al Falfa and his Terrytoon Pals (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
George of the Jungle (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
Mighty Mouse (in 'Cartoons, Comics & Animation' gallery)
The British Invasion (in 'Music' gallery)
Burt Bacharach (in 'Music' gallery)
Carole King (in 'Music' gallery)
Eddy Arnold (in 'Music' gallery)
Gordon Lightfoot (in 'Music' gallery)
Joni Mitchell (in 'Music' gallery)
Nancy Sinatra (in 'Music' gallery)
Nat King Cole (in 'Music' gallery)
Pat Boone (in 'Music' gallery)
Perry Como (in 'Music' gallery)
The Supremes (in 'Music' gallery)
Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow ... Right! (in 'Humor' gallery)
David Brenner (in 'Humor' gallery)
Tom Lehrer (in 'Humor' gallery)
All About Eve (1950) (in 'Movies of the '50s' gallery)
Angela Lansbury (in 'Actors and Entertainers' gallery)
That Girl (in 'TV / Radio' gallery)
Console TVs (in 'Home Entertainment' gallery)
Extended-Play (EP) records (in 'Home Entertainment' gallery)
Lustre-Creme shampoo (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Mercurochrome (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Minipoo waterless shampoo (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Shinola shoe polish (in 'Household Items' gallery)
Bell Laboratories educational films (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Male teachers wore neckties... (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
No ADD, HDAD, or dyslexia (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Ugly gym uniforms (in 'Workplace & School' gallery)
Bomb/fall-out shelters (in 'Bygone Icons' gallery)
Children's names (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Flips (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
Leisure suits (in 'Fashion & Fads' gallery)
area codes and all-digit dialing (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
the bottled-water craze (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
fluoride was added to public water supplies (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
helium-filled Mylar balloons (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
Kmart, Target, and Wal-Mart stores (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
MPAA film ratings (in 'Life Before...' gallery)
JFK assassinated (in 'Issues and Events' gallery)
Personal checks (in 'Rare Today, Gone Tomorrow?' gallery)
Nancy Sinatra (in 'Music' gallery)

'TV/Radio Commercials' gallery (general comment)
'TV / Radio' gallery (general comment)
'NYC-area TV/Radio' gallery (general comment)

Speedy Gonzales song (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Speedy Gonzales song (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Mel Blanc (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Song title names (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Fluffo (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Hydrox (in 'Trivia Quiz')
I can't believe (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Take it off (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Smothers Bros. candidate (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Tonto (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Look, up in the sky! (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Commercial -> pop song (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Twiggy was ... (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Napoleon XIV (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Don't wait to be told (in 'Trivia Quiz')
TV shows shared stars (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Al Hirt (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Shower (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Roto-Rooter (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Ring around the collar (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Groovy! (in 'Trivia Quiz')
TV not in NYC (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Pudding basin (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Name The Monkees (in 'Trivia Quiz')
3 times a day (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Unlock this door (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Nov. 9, 1965 (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Crocodile Rock (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Tonight tomahawk (in 'Trivia Quiz')
Nov. 9, 1965 (in 'Trivia Quiz')

'Trivia Quiz' (general comment)
'Trivia Quiz' (general comment)
'Trivia Quiz' (general comment)